No cooking! Just heat & eat.
Cooked in a kitchen, not a factory.
Sustainable ingredients. No preservatives.

Real Food. Delivered.

“Fools make feasts and wise men eat them.” -Benjamin Franklin

Our chefs have created hearty, wholesome meals for the whole family to enjoy.  We start with ingredients that are locally sourced from sustainable farms incorporating healthy vegetables into meal that everyone will love including your kids.  Then we flash freeze the meals to lock in the nutrients and to safely preserve them.  Learn more about the benefits of flash-freezing

We cook the way that you want, real foods with ingredients that you know and can pronounce.  No junk or gunk added.


Life can be hectic.  You don't need to be told this, because you live it every day.  Kids need to be taken to and from practices and games.  Work is never ending.  Elderly parents need assistance with meals.  Friends with illnesses need to be nourished. 

When do you have time to shop and cook?

We are here to help. 

Our flash frozen meals can be reheated and enjoyed whenever you need to simplify your meal time.


In the Midwest, we are blessed with natures bounty.  At Flashbox Kitchen we seek out local, sustainable farms and food purveyors to provide you with the freshest most nutritious foods available. 

Flash frozen means just naturally good food with no additives or preservatives.  The way food is meant to be.


We strive to produce foods that the whole family will enjoy.  From picky eaters to the budding gourmand, we have meals that everyone will love.

Orders received by Wednesday will be delivered that week.  To minimize the time in transit, orders placed later in the week will be shipped and delivered the following week.