National Recycling Day

National Recycling Day

Brian Biela

It's National Recycling Day.  Whoopee!  Ok, maybe it's not that fun, but it is an important issue.  That got me thinking about how we can all make an impact in our world without a lot of effort on our part.

  1. Recycle what you can. This sounds obvious, but reach out to your municipality to understand the regulations and rules that apply to their program.  For instance, in some areas, you cannot recycle pizza boxes at all, others will accept them but not the insert in the middle.  Not washing out your yogurt containers can ruin the entire load.  This is a case where knowledge, truly is power.
  2. Try and minimize single-use plastic. Bring reusable bags to the grocery store.  If you forget and end up with plastic bags, try and find another use for them.  We use them to pick up after our dogs.  Reduce and/or reuse.
  3. Use reusable wraps for food storage. Use cheese paper to store your paper, yes it can be reused as long as you don’t allow the cheese to get funky.  Use beeswax paper or silicone covers to cover containers, eliminating the plastic wrap or aluminum foil.
  4. Take advantage of our recycling program, we will either pick up or send out a prepaid return label for our shipping materials and ice packs.

With minimal effort, we can all have an impact on our world and help to make it a cleaner place to live.