Our Secret Sauce

Our Secret Sauce

Brian Biela
Our Secret Sauce
Flash Freezing & Vacuum Sealing

The secret to our ability to produce high-quality frozen meals without the use of any additives nor preservatives lies in our use of flash freezing and vacuum sealing.  

Our unique process results in food that is:

  1. Fresh
  2. Free from artificial preservatives
  3. Utilizes minimal packaging and waste
  4. Convenient
  5. Safe

Let’s start with some definitions and just a little science.  I promise I’ll keep this brief.  Your freezer at home at home is typically set at zero degrees and is great for keeping frozen foods, umm, well, frozen.  When you want to freeze something at home, it will usually several hours to freeze an item fully.  However, a flash, also known as a blast, freezer is much colder, -40 Celsius and it uses a series of fans to circulate the freezing cold air around the food.  This allows for the product to be frozen in a much shorter period of time.  In as little as one hour! 

Now onto the science part, inside the cells of the food is water.  When the water is slowly frozen, large ice crystals are formed.  These large ice crystals actually break down the fibers of the food and when its thawed, all of the juices wash out and you end up with dry, flavorless food.  In contrast, the ultra-cold air of the flash freezer creates smaller ice crystals that do not do damage to the food and helps to minimize bacteria growth.  Resulting in tasty, juicy meals.

Now that we have frozen the meal, what do we do with it?  We vacuum seal most of our meals.  When we vacuum seal, we are pulling all of the air out of the package.  This minimizes the chance of the meals being “freezer burned” and dehydrated. 

Using these two methods, we can create delicious, nutritious meals without adding any chemicals or preservatives.