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Like yours, our lives are hectic.  We have two boys and both of us have busy careers.  We always have placed a big importance on the food that we eat and trying to get everyone together for meals.  The problem with this ideal is lack of time, especially once the boys got older and into travel sports.  Time for shopping, meal prep and cooking became more limited.  In fact, we typically had two to three days a week where not only was it limited it was non-existent. 

As our time was getting crunched, more demands were being placed on it.  We had elderly and sick friends and relatives that we were trying to help.  We wanted to make sure that they had good, healthy meals to eat, but how could we do this with our limited time?

We looked back at what our grandmothers did.  We began to make larger meals on the weekends and then portion it out and freeze them.  We could then pull out what we needed and quickly reheat it on busy days.  We could also easily deliver these meals to our friends and parents so they could have a healthy, nutritious home-cooked meal whenever they wanted.  No cooking required and minimal cleanup.

After starting and selling two businesses, it was time for a new chapter in my career.  Looking at our lives, the idea for Flashbox Kitchen was born.  Our chefs have created hearty, wholesome meals for the whole family to enjoy.  We start with ingredients that are locally sourced from sustainable farms incorporating healthy vegetables into meals that everyone will love including your kids.  We cook the way that you want, real foods with ingredients that you know and can pronounce.

We hope you enjoy.  If at any time you have any questions or concerns, please reach out and contact us.


Founder & CEO


“There is no love sincerer than the love of food.” - George Bernard Shaw

Real Food.  Delivered.

  • Chef cooked in a kitchen not a factory
  • Locally sourced, sustainable ingredients no added preservatives
  • Convenience.  No cooking just heat & eat